I was trained in dramatic writing and my creative practice has always been in dialogue with forms of writing. However, traditional playwriting has not been a central aspect of my recent work. I do teach dramatic literature and writing for performance, including playwriting, though, and remain open to and interested in future playwriting projects. Like much of the rest of my performance work, my plays have tended to draw on talk genres and focus on the idiosyncracies of human speech, even in multi-character plays, to tell stories that consider the relationship of individuals to larger communal structures. My most recent dramatic works include Magillicutty's, an absurd take on a moment of tension between a waiter and his customers told from all perspectives, presented as part Collaboraction's short play festival Sketchbook X at the Chopin Theater in Chicago, directed by Jamie Abelson. The Point.... and how to get back to it, which received a staged reading at Chicago's Links Hall, examines the yearning for and impossibility of getting back to a specific place in time and space throgh the oblique connections between five different people who are each very much alone.  And The Old Farmhouse, conceived for human and puppet performers, looks at the role of rumor in a community, and asks where the line between community and religion lies. These scripts and others are available for development through future productions, and I am always interested in discussing new projects.