Monologue, Lecture Performance, Live Lit & Storytelling

Writing for performance that has been shaped by genres of and ideas about talk. This work often moves between and overlaps theatre, literature, contemporary art, stand up comedy, and oral storytelling traditions, and has been presented in many different contexts and venues.

  • The Minutes from Our Last Meeting is a lecture performance inspired by Eugene Ionesco and made up of fragments from JL Austin and Robert's Rules of Order, which combine to form an elegantly unnecessary bureaucratic procedure designed to go through many steps in order to do nothing but autheticate its own existence. The Minutes from Our Last Meeting was presented as part of the RhinoFest Lecture Series at Prop Thtr, Chicago in Feb, 2016.

  • Theatrical Monologue

    My scripted dramatic monologues have ranged from memoir in the style of Spalding Gray to character-based works of fiction. "Arcosanti as Intent" considered the tension between the theoretical underpinnings of the urban design laboratory Arcosanti in Arizona and my firsthand experience living there for several years, especially in context of other, apparently quite different, transformative building projects in the American southwest like Las Vegas or the earth works of artists Michael Heizer and Robert Smithson. "Arocsanti as Intent" was presented by Walkabout Theatre as part of "Impossible Cities: A Utopian Experiment," a multi-artist meditation on historical and imagined utopian communities, at Peter Jones Gallery in Chicago.

    "The Murfin" was part of "Four and a Half Rooms of Jorge Luis Borges," a theatrical tour of pieces based on Borges's stories at the University of Chicago. Inspired by Borges's story "The Aleph," In "The Murfin," audiences encountered a man wearing a dirty undershirt sitting alone in an elegant, empty seminar room amidst a pile of garbage. Exhausted, The Murfin turned to a pile of leftover pizza to illustrate that despite the fact that he has access to everything that exists and does not exist, everything keeps getting bigger all the time.

    Both "Impossible Cities" and "Four and a Half Rooms of Jorge Luis Borges" were curated by Seth Bockley.
  • Lecture, Live Lit & Storytelling

    My performance writing has encompassed a number of different talk genres and topics, from the personal obstacles presented by my scholarly research to the romance of the regional sandwich to what happened in a wilderness hot spring on a very cold night at the beginning of the last year of human history. My lecture performances have been included in the Rhinoceros Theatre Festival Lecture Series, my performance essays have twice been victorious in Chicago's popular live lit series Write Club, and my autobiographical storytelling has been featured by series such as That's All She Wrote! and Wax Long. (Photo by Evan Hanover)