An Interview

AN INTERVIEW  is a single, linear, itinerant performance, initiated by Ira S. Murfin at Tritriangle in Chicago on October 14th, 2016 and ongoing for the foreseeable future. It consists of an indeterminate number of interlocking one-hour segments, each made up of the performed transcript of a prior interview and a new extemporaneous interview between two participants: the person who conducted the previous interview, the transcript of which is read during the first half of the segment, and a new participant, who interviews the returning participant in the segment’s second half, thus generating a transcript that will start the next segment, and so on.

An Interview connects participants, both performers and audiences, in at least two temporalities – first in the present moment of each hour-long segment; and second, across the long duration of the entire performance, which will continue for years. It also connects the communities and venues it visits, drawing in participants connected to each performance context and bridging the divide between one performance circumstance and the next by always asking a previous participant to return. An Interview is open to myriad types of content, performance environments, and performer relationships, including encounters that occur far from traditional art contexts. It is intentionally sensitized to the context in which the performance takes place. The simple template emphasizes the shared, consensual, and transitory nature of live performance, the role of communal and institutional influence, and the odd relationship, both estranged and proximate, between the event of extemporaneous speech, its capture by means of recording technology, its textual representation, and its dramatic re-enactment.

An Interview has been presented in theater and performance venues, classroom space, a living room -- the possibilities are many and An Interview is always looking for its next venue and its next participant. Large or small, formal or informal, art space or not. An Interview needs the participation of others to help find new performance contexts that reflect a diversity of communities, environments, and locations within Chicago and beyond. No suggestion is too out of the way or weird. Under the right circumstances An Interview will travel, and other solutions to distance are possible, too (video chat, etc.) An Interview is currently only available as a live performance. A future life for its documentation online is envisioned, but not for quite some time. Until then, Like & Follow An Interview on Facebook to stay up to date with planned appearances and to reach out with suggestions of new people to involve in the project and new places for the project to go.